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Originally Posted by Stagehand
Where do the front ends for these things come from? I see that most of the good ones have an earl's style fork, but obviously these are updated. I see them on a multitude of different bikes, as well, so who makes them?
There are several manufacturers, ranging from expensive to obscenely expensive.

Unit Leading Link forks are probably the most numerous, and inexpensive at ~$2500.00 shipped to the USA, available for a select range of motorcycles - they are somewhat universal in design, but use shims to adapt to different size triple trees.



Lowell Neff -

There are also a number of small shops in Europe, usually French or German who do their own in-house LL design and fabrication for regional customers.

My Leading Link front end was self-fabricated, with technical assistance from a reputable machine shop to do some of the more critical pieces. A fair amount of people attempt to design and build their own front ends - from a cost standpoint, it makes sense - but you bloody well better know what you are doing engineering wise, considering the obvious critical safety aspect of getting it done right the first time
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