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Originally Posted by doctor_big

This really sucks. But then again, it could be worse, right?
Take it from a guy with Crohn's disease. I had a colostomy in 2003 at the tender age of 38. I also have Hep-C. I recieved that little gift in the blood transfusions that saved my life after an accident in 1988. That was the same accident that broke my leg and started the degradation of my hip. Thanks to the Hep, I can't take any of the arthritis meds or anti-inflammatories that bring relief to so many others. It can always get worse. The silver lining of these hip problems is that help and pain relief are very real, very possible, and very accessible. I deeply regret waiting as long as I have to schedule surgery, as I've missed out on so many things. Just today my family and I went out to a local mall for some post-Christmas bargain hunting, and I had to cut my time short becuase it was just too painful to walk more than 100 yards or so at a time. I'm no fan of malls, but spending time with my wife and daughters suffers because of the hip.
Take this advice from someone who has had constant pain for almost 20 years: get yourself repaired as soon as you can. It's about quality of life, and life's too short to hurt.
I've got 71 days of pain to go.......................
Best of luck!!
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