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It hurts when I fall down
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Good to hear

Originally Posted by Dirtnadvil
As far as pain it can get very severe. I ended up with an ulcer in my esophogus from all of the anti-inflamatories I've been on over the years. Even with meds I had pain down both legs and across my lower back.
This is a bit of a relief, hearing this. It hurts all down the sides and front of both legs (some days one, some days the other) and across my lower back and into my ass-cheeks. I was in denial about this being hip OA, as it didn't seem to fit the common perception of this goddam disease.

Originally Posted by Dirtnadvil
Anyone who is in pain from a bum hip know this; it wont get better by itself. The hip replacement went pretty smooth for me. Two weeks of taking it real easy, walking with a cane (walker first 3 days) The healing happens fast. If my job wasn't physical I would of gone back after two weeks. I stopped using the cane around the house after 3 weeks, however I used it for walks for up to 2 months. (I was walking a mile after 10 days). I'm glad that there is such a good outcome with this surgery, I thought I was going to lose my job and not have the active life that I have always lived. Anyone on the fence about having it done or anyone who wants to talk about it please PM me. This operation has given me a huge part of my life back, not to mention I'm funner to be around..........John
Thanks for the encouragement, and it's fantastic to hear that it's possible (but I imagine atypical) to recover at this speed. I am only now coming to terms with the concept of having this done, and I don't think I'm yet at the stage where I'm ready mentally or in need physically to undergo the procedure. But I know it's coming, and sooner rather than later. Perhaps next winter?
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