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Originally Posted by Nick in PRC.
Old German tech and new German tech.......the train will do 430+ kph, the poor old Chang only 120.

120 km? Not even if you found a tall enuf cliff to push it off of! Besides, take a look at the "suspension" and "brakes" on that bike.
Even if by some miracle the forks and shocks aren't bound up they only have about 1 1/2" of travel.

And the brake surface is maybe an inch wide with only a stamped steel hub to dissipate heat. My monkey gave me a fire extinguisher labeled "brake coolant" after we set fire to the paint on the hubs coming down out of the mountains!

100km is pushing the limits of reliability and safety for a Chang 80km is more realistic.

cool bikes for bopping around on, but 1930s technology and third world build quality, There is another thread where Ural owners are complaining that a hammer is not included with the tool kit. All of my Changs came with a blacksmiths hammer as standard issue, I shit you not!

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