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I've followed this thread but I have been reluctant to post.

I had my first hip replacement in 1975 (Hip replacement Dark Age) when I was 25; it lasted 10 years. Unfortunately my doctor (not the original doctor) told me to go as long as I could tolerate the pain before having a hip revision. I was still a young man at 35 and I could tolerate pain using motrin, etc.

Finally I couldn't deal with the severe pain and I had the surgery done. The doctor was shocked at the damage done by my loose hip prosthesis. In effect, the loose femoral emplant acted like a piston, hogging out the femur and collapsing the top of the bone. The doctor was unprepared for this and the result was a half-assed surgery.

Within two years I began to have pain again because of the poor fit. I didn't look for an attorney. I wanted a damn good doctor to fix this. I subsequently moved to Houston, a city known for world class medicine. So after carefully inquiring, I saw three doctors. One flatly told me that he wasn't qualified and I needed a better doctor than himself. I can't tell you how sobering that was for me.

I saw two more surgerons and finally settled on one of them, though either one would have been capable. These doctors only do hips and knees.

The time came for surgery and because of the previous screwup I had a long recuperation, spending 5 weeks in the hospital, riding a bed pan and essentially becoming depressed. But leaving the hospital had me back in a positive light.

I can't stress how important physical therapy is for the patient's recovery. You will have to dig deep sometimes and overcome the "suffering" but it pays huge dividends. This brings me to the point I want to make for people who wait too long to have the initial surgery. The pain that you are experiencing is reducing your activities to the point of an elderly person. After surgery, the hip pain will be gone but you will have to recover muscularly and mentally to stop moving in the "old manner" and begin moving like you're healed. This will save your back.

So, don't wait too long.

After 16 years my third hip's socket loosened but was easily replaced with a 72 hour hospital stay. I still have the third prosthesis and it looks good.

Currently I'm in a study using Fosomax, a bone density medicine primarly used by women for osteoporosis. This may help with loosening of the prosthesis and the cup (the socket portion of the hip replacement).

I've rambled as I feared I would.

So in conclusion:

Don 't wait too long.

Follow post surgery therapy deligently. If the doctor doesn't recommend any then get on an excercise bike. This will get you moving with little weight bearing. Personally, I rode road bicycles after my third surgery averaging 5000 miles per year.

Get as many doctor opinions that you can - Don't make the same mistake as me. My personal experience indicated specialists in hips and knees are preferred.

DON'T WAIT TOO LONG! I'm not kidding about this.
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