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Originally Posted by yosso
Just found a older KLX650 (enduro) - good price, not too far away to go and see on a weekend.

Anyway, I was all set to spring for an older XR650L, when the above bike pops up on my search radar...a bit less money than the XR650L, but it's also a bit older and has more mileage.

My use for the bike would be dirt roads and fire trails - that's about it - probably some highway, probably won't commute (150 miles round trip) anytime soon on whichever bike I get, but you never know if diesel keeps going up in price, I might just bite the bullet. :)

So, any feedback on the two bikes, good or bad?

Thank you for your time.

Are you looking at a KLX650C (factory street legal version) or a KLX650R (offroad version)?

I have both an XR650L and a KLX650R. They're both great bikes. My R kicks ass on the XRL in the dirt but is a total bitch on the highway. A KLX650C would be more comparable to an XRL. Problem is there ain't much aftermarket support for either version of the KLX. Much more for the XRL. So if the KLX is already configured the way you want it you're cool; if not you should check out whether the things you want are available for the KLX or be ready to fab it yourself.

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