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I had a full hip replacement November 20, 2007. Yes 2 months ago.

My hip was worn out from arthritis and abuse. I'm 46 years old.

I had my surgery on a Tuesday and left the hospital with a cane on Thursday. I returned to work the following Monday. This was over the Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, full hip replacement surgery and back to work within a week.

I could barely throw my right leg over my motorcycle seat the last couple of seasons. In fact, this past summer I was stepping on the footpeg, then easing my leg over.

My surgery was less than 2 months ago now and I've already been skiing. I'm very much looking forward to pain-free riding this next spring.

There's no reason the cobalt/ceramic joint that was just installed shouldn't last 30 years, per my surgeon.

If you're in pain, get it done.
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