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Honda CB160 Restoration Thread

Just to make sure the airheads don't dominate the Old School threads, I decided to let the gang follow along on my restoration. I picked up this '65 CB160 off Craigslist near Boulder, Colorado last week.

The bike is nearly complete, but it had been sitting for a couple decades, and the engine was seized. I love a gamble. I got the bike home and sprayed some PBlaster into the spark plug holes. After letting it sit all night, I tried the kicker this morning. Still stuck solid. After it sat all day, I decided to work it a bit this evening. I put the bike in fourth gear, crawled aboard, and started rocking it backward and forward gently. After ten minutes, I worked the pistons loose. I gave it a push across the garage and back, tried the kicker, and everything seemed to be free. It will be a while before I try starting it, though. I need to get a key made, replace all the control cables, and rebuild the carbs before I bother trying to fire it up. (In the meantime, I squirted some light oil into each cylinder, to make sure the rings get loosened up by the time I add fire to the mix.)

My plan is to get the bike running well, do the mechanical restoration first, work out the bugs, then strip it down for paint when the weather warms up a bit. (It's exactly 0 degrees F outside as I type this. I'm glad my garage has a woodstove!)

In the end, I'm looking for a frequent rider, something I can take out into the mountains for fun, so this won't be a concourse restoration. Today I ordered new tires, pulled the front wheel apart and cleaned it up. It all looks serviceable. I also took some steel wool to several of the worst chrome parts. It looks like the chrome should clean up well.

Pop open a beer, and watch the fun!

Here are some more pics:

Edit: For those who are too impatient to read through the whole thread, here's a link to the "after" photos, a year and a half later:

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