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Dirt Bike History 101

Hello everyone. Iím on a mission and Iím hoping you can help me out. My mission is to learn about the history of dirt bikes on the market from the 60ís through the 80ís. Why? Just curiosity mostly, and my ever growing love for all things dirty and muddy on two wheels. Iíve ridden for about 8 years solid now, some street, but mostly off road (trail and woods riding and some dual sporting). My first dirt bike was a 1981 RM125 and presently I have a 2002 KX100 and a 2007 TE250. Iím considering trying the Family Enduro series this spring and Iím fascinated by the trials bikes and would love to try one at some point. In short, I started in the dirt and thatís where my interests lie. So thereís my very brief history and now Iím curious about your roots. So hereís what I would like to know if youíre willing:

What dirt bikes did you own during the 60ís through the 80ís?
What can you tell me about the history of those bikes ( i.e. how many years was it produced [from when to when], what characteristics or quirks were unique to it, what was itís demise, what model superseded or replaced it, what famous riders of the day also rode it, etc.).
What kind of riding were you into on these bikes and did you compete with it and if so, what (hare scrambles, motocross, enduros, trials, flat trackers, etc.)?

Lastly, would love to see pictures of those bikes you owned or representative examples. Iím sure Iím leaving out things, but I hope you get the idea. Thanks!
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