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Originally Posted by ChiTown
Here's a track from a 9 day, 3500 mile trip I just took. The Spot worked great, and I haven't completely gone through every track (480 of them) since I just got home last night, but it seems that it didn't miss a track.
Looking at the GPX file, it missed quite a few trackpoints. If you look at the timestamp there should be a new trackpoint about every 10 minutes. But in a number cases there is a gap of 20 minutes, and in a few other rare cases there is a gap of 30 minutes. One example of a 30 minute gap was on 1/14 from 5:11 GMT to 5:41 GMT. But, like you, I think it works great and missing a trackpoint from time to time isn't much of an issue, as long as the OK / Help / 911 messages are more reliable (which they are, due to the methods which they are repeated).
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