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Originally Posted by Eurobiker
Here, my kicker N00b..... from our friends at Pay particular attention to "DON'T TOUCH THAT THROTTLE!"

General Four-Stroke Starting Procedures
  • If the engine is cold, it may help to turn up the idle screw slightly to aid in warm-up and give the engine a little extra fuel.
  • Turn the choke to full on.
  • Pull in the compression release lever, if so equipped, and push the kick-starter through 3 or 4 times. This will prime the engine with fuel.
  • Without the compression release lever pulled in, slowly push the kick-starter around to get the piston to top dead center. You'll know this when the kick-starter becomes hard to push down (indicating compression stroke).
  • Allow the kick-starter to return to the top.
  • Pull the compression release lever in and push the kick-starter down just a little (around an inch and a half or two). This gets the piston just past top dead center.
  • Let the compression release lever back out and bring the kick-starter back up to the top.
  • Now push the kick-starter down with as much force as you can and it should fire up. If it doesn't, wait a few seconds and try the procedure again.
Honda XR650R - Ken A. Moore Cold engine (cool outside)
  • Do not twist the throttle, no matter what you think or feel, or you will flood it.
  • Choke full on, ignition off.
  • Pull in compression release and kick the engine 4 kicks. This primes the engine.
  • Ignition switch on, choke on. Slowly kick the engine until TDC (the hard spot), then stop.
  • Pull in the compression release and gently push the kick leaver so the engine is just past TDC, then stop. Release the compression release leaver.
  • Now give her a nice firm kick of the kick starter. DON'T TOUCH THAT THROTTLE! She should fire up. If not, go back to #4.
  • Move choke to 1/2 position. DON'T TOUCH THAT THROTTLE!
  • After about 60 seconds turn off the choke. DON'T TOUCH THAT THROTTLE!
  • After about 2 minutes and the engine is getting warm, you may now slowly twist the throttle but go easy until fully warmed up.
then.. when those don't work.. cuss.. kick the bike.. cuss some more... take a dirt nap.. throw a temper tantrum.. and finally someobody will take pity...

oh ya... dirt nap again from exhaustion from kicking it!!!!

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