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Originally Posted by aciurczak
Looking at the GPX file, it missed quite a few trackpoints. If you look at the timestamp there should be a new trackpoint about every 10 minutes. But in a number cases there is a gap of 20 minutes, and in a few other rare cases there is a gap of 30 minutes. One example of a 30 minute gap was on 1/14 from 5:11 GMT to 5:41 GMT. But, like you, I think it works great and missing a trackpoint from time to time isn't much of an issue, as long as the OK / Help / 911 messages are more reliable (which they are, due to the methods which they are repeated).

I guess I should have said not too many track points. But there's times when I was under a roof at a gas station for more than 10 minutes, or when I reset it to send a OK message there could have been a gap in time. Either way it did send every OK message, and like you I think it works great and did remarkably well.
I'm also impressed with the battery life considering how cold it was for most of this trip. My lithium batteries in my camera only took about 180 pictures before dying (usually I get at least 500) due to the extreme cold.
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