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My XT600 with a wrenching ?

Glad to have found this thread. I just bought this '86, pretty clean with 25,000 miles from the first owner who seemed to take care of it. Now after starting it, maybe 100 times, and a good 40 mile ride in the Natl. Forest, I need some advice on how to make it run better. I have gotten the starting routine down, and it has never failed to start after 3-4 kicks, and it idles perfectly, but then runs kinda rough at speed. It seems to have plenty of power, doesn't backfire, just runs rough as the RPM's climb. I adjusted the valves, they were pretty loose, and changed the plug, it was old but looked like it was burning fuel properly. Do I tear into the carb for a rebuild, or just clean. BTW, the air filter looks pretty clean also. Anyone's $.02 would be good. Now, can I post the pic.? Nope, I'll go to SmugMug and re-post.
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