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Originally Posted by kittycactus
Did the Elsinore line starting in 1973 evolve into the CR that we have today?
most definitely.

and once again thanks for starting this thread, it has the makings of a classic.

the first 1973 silver tank down pipe elsinores were from the start designated CR's.

Honda only offered (to the public) the 125 and 250 however until the 1982(?) 450 which was only one year, then the 480 for a couple of years, maybe only 2(?) and then the mighty CR500 which had a very long run.

but as others have stated the first CR's really changed the game.

I'll disagree with one of the posts in as far as the Suzuki TM's and the 1972 Yamaha DT2 and RT2 MX's were pushing the euro's around and even winning, but the Elsinores blew them out of the water for a few years. But in 1975/76 they went to an up pipe on the 250 and slipped back a bit in terms of their place at the top of the heap. The 125's were for the most part neck and neck with each other from the big 4, though the sheer numbers of the Elsinores gave them an edge if for that reason alone. Back then 125's could and were ridden by a lot of skinny wide eyed teenagers WFO. Just keep shifting.

It was a matter of who backed of first, and some just never did.

But no matter the brand if you could keep it pegged in the 125 class you would get results.

The riders of the mid 70's era 125cc bikes may have been the only riders who ever could truly keep a legitimate motocross bike pegged virtually non stop. You weren't doing that on a 250 or open class bike, and you certainly couldn't do it (as much) on later generation bikes. There was and is just too much power and tractability on the later bikes that the speeds would dictate a little prudence.

as Dice Clay would say, "thats what I think anyway"...

great thread for all who are pitching in!
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