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Hey guys, I have been lurking on this site for a while, and registered just the other day. I have been cruising craigslist quite a bit trying to find a used dualsport for under $2000 or so, and found a 1989 XT600. Now, my only motorcycling experience was with a Yamaha Virago 1000 for 30 days while on my learner's permit last year (I am 19). That bike killed my confidence, not to mention that I crashed, but it was at a low speed and luckily I didn't get hurt. This spring I am going to take the MSF, which I should have done last year but was an idiot about it. I want a bike that can go more places and has less horsepower (that bike was quite snappy), and this seems to fit the bill. Now, my question is, is this bike too much for a new guy? I am a bit over 6' tall with a 32" inseam. I have never used a bike with kickstart before, but my dad had a bunch of bikes back when he was younger and now has a Harley (don't pick on him too bad ). Will this bike be too much of a bitch to kick? From the looks of this thread and a little googling it doesn't seem like parts are too hard to find for this bike. It would be quite a hual for me to pick the bike up, and I would wait until after the MSF before really riding it. Here is the link to the craigslist listing.

So, are there any problems I should know about for this bike? This is the first bike I have found that is within my budget.

Thanks guys.
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