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Originally Posted by Going_Commando
is this bike too much for a new guy? I am a bit over 6' tall with a 32" inseam. I have never used a bike with kickstart before, but my dad had a bunch of bikes back when he was younger and now has a Harley (don't pick on him too bad ). Will this bike be too much of a bitch to kick?.
GO GET IT QUICK!! that is a nice, clean low miles bike. Enough Power to make it Fun, but gentle enough not to run away with you!

Starting it, is a Doddle! (Easy) Fuel ON, Choke ON, NO THROTTLE keep it closed, press gentle on the Kickstarter, till you hear a feint 'Click' this is the De-compressor..then prod it down fairly hard.... Repeat... after the Second kick she should fire, THEN give it a whiff of throttle, The choke only needs to stay on about 30-45 seconds!
The XT has a 'Knack' to easy starting, but after you learn it you will be away 2 kicks, 3 max.
When first learning the most I did was 5 or 6 UNLESS I opened that throttle. If you open the throttle before she fires you will flood her.

Enjoy your XT. you will NOT regret the decision to Buy
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