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Okay, I’m starting to get a feel for general timelines and events that have taken place specific to the evolution of the dirt bike. I was really excited yesterday to learn about the Elsinore and what a huge impact its introduction made. I’ve heard many times that Honda changed everything and now I really understand why. I read Rick Sieman’s article, “The Amazing History of Honda Dirt Bikes!,” last night and that really embedded the information in my head. Were there any other events as monumental as Honda’s introduction of the Elsinore in 1973? I haven’t gotten my hands on any books yet, but I do have “Monkey Butt” ordered and there is a fair amount of information available online, so I‘m plugging away each night.

It’s been about a week now since I sucked it up and admitted to myself that I didn’t know squat and decided to set aside my pride and start from square one; it’s been a fun journey so far. So thanks again for all the great responses, it means a lot to me and I appreciate the time you’ve all taken to help me out!

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