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I have always disliked my old GPS mount. It was not very stable, and the GPS was partially covering the Tach. So, instead of a Migsel mount like Kermits that cost $150+ (beautiful workmanship and nice unit by the way), I decided to copy the idea, but do it on the cheap!
So, old mount:

So, instead of spending big bucks, I am running out after my recent home purchase, I decided to make my own. Perusing the hardware store I cam acriss this 3/8" thick shelf bracket.

This is a piece of what was left. I cut the one side to length (5"), and the short end to just long enough to thread safely, 3/4" from the bend outside radius. I drilled and tapped out the short end to fit a standard $7 Ram Mount I had lying around, then covered it all in liquid rubber to prevent rust, and scratches on the framework of the bike. Were I to do it again, I would paint it, and cover the lower parts in foam tape for protection. It would look a little better.
I used my TT cockpit cover and longer bolts to secure it under the cover.

Here you can see it peek out of the bottom under the TT cover. You could easily use a U-bolt, or a smaller flat piece of metal to hold it in place.
A few other angles of it:

I intend to reroute the wires, but it will have to wait for the tank to come off again since the wires are secured under the tank.
The yellow arrows show the two mounting bolts through the TT cover, and the blue arrow shows where I formarly had the GPS bracket mounted (it is designed for a Powerlet Plug).

This is my view of it. Right in my line of sight, without blocking any of the instruments, or the road. IMHO the perfect GPS position.

Total cost, $15 more than I already spent. From scratch, with the 2XXX garmin locking mount, wiring kit, and RAM components, about $70.

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