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Originally Posted by kittycactus

When the jap bikes were first introduced in the states, how were they received; were people excited about them or were they looked upon with distain like the Chinese bikes now entering our market, some of both?
yet another good and very relevant question. You really have to have been around in the 60's to fairly answer that question, and my point of reference is 1970 and forward. But you do bring up a very good point about the Chinese bikes.

The thing is, the jap bikes weren't really copying anyone. the chinese bikes DEFINITELY are in a lot of cases. heck they're cloning 35 year old jap models.

they (the japs) were in totally uncharted waters and their progress in models shows how quickly they were learning. so my guess is that the answer to that is that the bikes were well received given the alternatives of something big and heavy from England or something light and cheap from Japan.

Great question.
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