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Here the combonation GPS,XM,and radar detector mount I made for my 04' GSA. It all attaches to the top/backside of the Ricky Risers on my bike.

Working aircraft assembly I have access to material and trick fasteners. I hate having to deal with nuts and washers so I use rivnuts and nutplates whenever possible. Everything else is riveted together aircraft style with solid AD rivets. Here you cane see how the Radar detector mount is fastened to the backside of the XM mount. I was getting a little more flex than I wanted, look close and you can see a composite doubler/stiffener running fromthe center mount over to the XM mount, did the trick.

Assembled and powered up. The idiot lights are sort of behind the GPS but can be seen by leaning forword a couple of inches. I've learned to deal with it. I've alway's ran with my high beams on during the day so not seeing that light isn't a problem, its alway's on. Remembering to turn off the blickers is my biggest problem, id do forget at times. The window/cuttout in the Radar detector mount is for a view of the temp. and fuel gauge. The knob below the XM is the controler for my Gerbings.

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