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Originally Posted by MrVvrroomm
I had a full hip replacement November 20, 2007. Yes 2 months ago.

My hip was worn out from arthritis and abuse. I'm 46 years old.

I had my surgery on a Tuesday and left the hospital with a cane on Thursday. I returned to work the following Monday. This was over the Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, full hip replacement surgery and back to work within a week.

I could barely throw my right leg over my motorcycle seat the last couple of seasons. In fact, this past summer I was stepping on the footpeg, then easing my leg over.

My surgery was less than 2 months ago now and I've already been skiing. I'm very much looking forward to pain-free riding this next spring.

There's no reason the cobalt/ceramic joint that was just installed shouldn't last 30 years, per my surgeon.

If you're in pain, get it done.
Might I ask where you had this surgery done? The sick bay of the Enterprise????? This has to be the most astounding recovery time I've yet heard about.

Congratulations. You give me hope.

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