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I remember running in the under 16 class. It was a class of kids too old to race mini bikes and too young to be turned loose with the big guys. I had a 1973 Yamaha LT3 MX. We had a Suzuki dealer in town who had a son about my age. He always had the best suzki available to him. I raced him in the mini bikes for aout two years. He had one of those Bonanza mini bikes with the Hodaka engine on it. I had a Yamaha Mini Enduro that my dad had put a 80cc top end on and had done some porting work to it. On a smooth track I couldn't get him but throw in some bumps and I had him. I was 15 and lined up with my new 100 mx. I looked to my left and there he was on a TM400 one of those yellow ones. They shot the rubberband and he led all the way to the first corner. As I rounded the first corner you could see where he went off into the woods. I never saw him again until I was on my way to second heat. He was standing there crying and his dad was holding the bike yelling at him. He didn't run in the second heat. That was the last time I raced him. I turned sixteen and went into the 125 class. He went on to the 250's
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