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Originally Posted by nachtflug
your input to this thread is invaluable. it really is a window into a very special time (1970ish give and take a few) and place (California).

great stuff. I'm sure you know, Thorwaldson died road racing a few years back. I remarked at the time that checking out at his age (63?) while racing and obviously never stopped racing, wasn't all that bad of a deal considering how many people for so many reasons have to throw in the towel so much earlier. but it still sucks.

I met John Desoto at Mid Ohio VintageDays MX this past summer. He was really great and really appreciated that people were interested in him. He was like you knew him your whole life he was so cool about it.

I have in a scrap book when I used to cut magazines up another Suzuki ad with John DeSoto and his brother(?) posing and wheelieing away from a starting line on TM400's.

you catch it at the right angle the 71 has some pretty sweet lines.
First off, Thank you! I was very fortunate to have worked at Suzuki and later Yamaha at the time. It was very sad news about Rich. I remember reading all the well wisher messages on the website setup after his accident. He was one of the really down to earth nice guys!
John was an animal on a bike, but was the exact opposite off the bike. The whole family would often stop in at Suzuki's Santa fe Springs facility and visit the shop. Great people!!
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