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Originally Posted by ekkemu
Hi guys,

I own a XT 600 E from 2001 and would like to buy some accesories for my precious. I have no idea where to find them, or which will fit. If you have used any of this and know that they will fit the XT, or have any other info that might help, please let me know.

1. Hand guards any good bike store, try off road specialists, surf the net a little!
2. Windshield Ya Sissy!
3. LIGHTS - fog lights, brighter bright lights, stop lights. In the night, the default lights suck! I need extra lights. Maybe some of you who own the Touratech lights might tell me if I can adapt the mounting kit to my bike. I am not interesing in Touratech only, so other brands are ok. try the phillips HI-Power bulbs, they ar 80% brighter, work good for me and i LIKE BRIGHT!
4. Key Locking mechanism (I can not turn the key to the "block" position so I guess I need to replace it, or can it be fixed?) do you mean the steering lock on the headstock? it is probably siezed, or you may need to waggle the bars as you try to lock it.
5. Engine tuning. What can I change/add to have more power? NOT WITHOUT SPENDING LOTS!!!!!!

I know these are a lot of questions, but if you can help with info for any of the above (if you had hands-on experience than that is the best), please let me know. YEP< check the Avatar! i ride, use n abuse one daily!

P.S.: I am currently in Austin, TX for 6 more weeks so I might be able to buy some of the stuff from here if they are cheaper than Europe.
hope the above helps, my comments in yellow........
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