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Originally Posted by Martynbiker
hope the above helps, my comments in yellow........
1. Hand guards any good bike store, try off road specialists, surf the net a little!
I actually did try. I even tried to mount some Acerbis hand guards on my handlebar, but they wont fit (even if the guy from the store would bet they would ... they didn't). I was curios what hand guards are you guys using (I do not want to change or modify my stock handlebar!)

2. Windshield Ya Sissy!
Yep, I get your point :)
BUT, since some of my riding mates have more touring oriented bikes (TA, F650ST) and I might find myself riding with them, I would like more comfort for long rides on paved roads

3. LIGHTS - fog lights, brighter bright lights, stop lights. In the night, the default lights suck! I need extra lights. Maybe some of you who own the Touratech lights might tell me if I can adapt the mounting kit to my bike. I am not interesing in Touratech only, so other brands are ok. try the phillips HI-Power bulbs, they ar 80% brighter, work good for me and i LIKE BRIGHT!
Thanks for this, I'll try them. What about additional lights? Like fog lights? Or just super duper bright ones (but added extra)

4. Key Locking mechanism (I can not turn the key to the "block" position so I guess I need to replace it, or can it be fixed?) do you mean the steering lock on the headstock? it is probably siezed, or you may need to waggle the bars as you try to lock it.
Yes, that's it. I tried everything, I even went to a mechanic with it (this might not mean to much though ... ) and told me that it needs to be changed (they were not selling me that part, so I guess there was no hidden interest in there). So, were can I get one from US?

5. Engine tuning. What can I change/add to have more power? NOT WITHOUT SPENDING LOTS!!!!!!

Hmm ... come on! There has to be something that I can change or upgrade to gain some power. Sparkplug, muffler, donno ... that's what I am asking :)

Anyway, thanks for your time mate, hope others will write back also
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