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Since lately it's (still) darn cold in the shop, plus I have to wear snowshoes to get there, I've been trying to find projects to bring in the house. So I made air cleaner elements (well, one so far). I bought some filter foam, cut it to size, and glued it together with silcone adhesive:

I then set about fixing the speedo. The speedo itself works, but the trip odometer wouldn't reset. As far as I'm concerned this is the fuel gauge, so I split the ring and broke into it. The mecanism was rather rusty, and I ended up destroying the knob just to get it apart. I got it working, but it's a screwy deal. Correct me if I'm wrong but the trip odometer will only let you reset the tenths digit manually, so reseting this thing could take a loooong time. So I split open another speedo I had, this one off of a CB350 - note the different trip odo mechanism:

I figured I would swap in the different trip odo into the SL speedo, but it wasn't to be - besides the reset being in a different place, the face plates don't match up. So I rolled the odo back on the CB350 speedo to match, and I'll use that.

This is probably really dull, but I'm desparate... spring can come anytime.
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