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[quote=xcountry rider]i have ridden mine all over california, have not been out of the state yet. ...
i also put on some hepco becker racks with some gobi bags, i have been looking for luggage since last april. i built my own top rack before that, but overloaded it and stripped out the screws, so i through bolted the back screws and heli-coiled the front screws due the the frame configuration. i will get some pictures up when i can. /quote]

I'm jealous of you guys in California. You have the best riding out there. Plus you can lanesplit legally!

Definitely need to see some pictures and get more details of these customizations. I've been looking for a rack myself. Do the Hepco Becker racks and bags work well? Can you supply part #rs or model names? How much would i have to fudge it or will they bolt right on?

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