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Originally Posted by claude
Dunno but that sounds similar to what is pictured below. Pretty scary !!!!!!!
Material too thin? Welding issues? Bracing in wrong spot? All of the above?

The builder of the links had used (say) 50mm od tube. The triple clamp internal diameter was (say) 40mm. all that he'd done was turn down that length of tube that slid into the clamps so that is was now the correct od to fit into the clamps. The top edge of the 50mm od tube was butted up against the lower face of the clamp. Probably looked great when it was all painted etc.
High load point exactly at the weakest point of the tube. The whole assembly, links, shocks, brakes, wheel, guard was flapping around, secured by the brake hoses and speedo cable. Yikes, alright. Shits were trumps, I'd reckon.
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