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Originally Posted by Zapp22
I know little of this bike but spent some time looking at it yesterday... touchy feely. A hair lighter than my Vstrom 650, in-betweener ergos, peppy engine from what I read, popular following.

can this thing be luggaged and toured? fuel range??? reliable???

educate me the quik way, pls.
Long story short - YES.

Fuel consumption is about the same a Vstrom when you're taking it
easy (you said touring!), never heard anyone had reliability problems
with the FZ6 (even some of my friends who prettymuch keep it above
10krpm most of the time).

As for comfort and wind protection, it's somewhat worse then your
Strom, but again, I did 7k miles on my ER6F in 3+ months with one 1,5k
mile trip in 6 days without any problems, and the FZ6 has even more
comfortable seat and better wind protection then the ER6F.

The only thing I disliked about it was.. no torque..
The engine is VERY smooth, and the power/torque builds up evenly from
2,5k rpm up to 10k when you get a sudden burst of power.

Not really a touring engine.. you'll need to work that gearbox a bit
for overtaking.. but droping it to 5th at let's say 60-70mph will get
you the torque you're used to having at that speed in 6th on your

Howerer.. you can drop another cog.. and WOOOSH a lot faster then
on your strom

Just my $.02
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