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a riding bud of mine has a yamaha FZ6-S2*, the 98 horsepower version, which i've driven a few times. great all-around bike for city/highway applications. a higher windshield might be desirable for all-day stints in the saddle.

as for reliability: he is brutal with it. the poor bike gets an oil change once every two years (i chit you not... i have even offered to change the bike's oil myself, to no avail), the chain has never been adjusted, and it gets washed only when he needs to read the clocks or oil fill window. the bike has performed spotlessly in 22,000 kilometers, although i'm convinced that someday it will just spontaneously combust from neglect. as a result, i try not to park too close to him at rest stops.

as for touring: he's gone all over europe with the FZ6, including several trips from vienna to croatia. additionally, his family lives 750km away, so he makes regular all-day trips on the autobahn to visit the rents. one of the croatia trips was with his girlfriend sitting sozius, and he said the bike performed well.


*in the EU, here are three variations on the theme fazer: the 34hp version, the 78hp version, and the S2 with 98hp. they all have the same engine/chassis, just different outputs. it's possible that the only version stateside is the S2.
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