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Originally Posted by brents347
Although I loved it, I really didn't live with it for all that long! It was actually so good that I bought an Adventure and put the SM back on it's stock mags. I found that the bike worked very well with these rims though.

Handling characteristics were very stable, although a little slower to turn in as you would expect. Mostly, I found that having the 19" front wheel and D/S tires gave me the confidence to ride the bike beyond it's other limitations. In other words, the wheels/tires were great, but you found out much more quickly the limits of the shorter suspension travel and the unprotected headers and cases. I didn't do any case damage, but I smashed the stock headers real quick. Once I put the full Akra exhaust on, I wasn't going to risk smashing a header again and thus the change back to stock wheels. I still ride the bike on fire roads, and still managed to flat spot the header, but I did it with the stock wheels!

Ever consider using a header from the ADV and rear exhaust? I hear the cans from an ADV fit the SM (not sure about the R). Haven't heard if the header does...yet.

Do you think the 21" ADV front would work on the SM? I also am thinking of the possibilities the SM has to offer.....Obviously I would also need to make spacers for my Galpher rotors and axles front and rear, do you also think the 18" rear would clear the shortened swingarm of the SM? Did you try using the ADV front & rear axle spacers on the SM or were they completely different?

Inquiring minds want to know!
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