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Economical Hotels in Mexico book

EDIT. POST . August 2014


In short , I have been travelling around Mexico since 1979 and expanded to Central America after the civil wars ended in Nicaragua , El Salvador and Guatemala .All the while I have spent my nights in small , economical,tidy ,family owned inns in all manner of places in most corners of these countries.
A number of years ago I decided to compile a list of many of the inns I frequent in a guide book for folks making their first self directed trips into these countries. Since then I have revisited those hotels I selected in an effort to bring pricing and other details up to a recent date and I have also been checking hotels in interesting places just to collect such data. The list includes hotels in Mexico and all over Central America in regular small towns as well as the widely known tourist destinations and near the famous archaeological sites. Hotels I choose are economically priced good serviceable places with secure parking for a motorcycle or car, a fan, a toilet and shower.In many cases they have air conditioning and TV or such is available at a small added fee and free Wifi is becoming very common . They are nothing to be ashamed of and in many cases they are quite fancy ,the equal of any chain motel in the US which will cost more . Ratings you might say range from 3 star to stardust to starlight. In some cases the motel was selected because I needed a place for the night and it was the only offering in town or it might have been an irresistible location and price . In the odd case it could have been an emergency hotel stay to get off the road in bad weather or for encroaching nightfall and it then proved to be a surprisingly good choice worthy of repeat visits and recommending to others .
I never travel with any detailed plan of route or overnight stops locked in .I never make reservations. If there are a number of inns to pick from I shop around for the lower price before I decide to choose and I have never been disappointed .I also carry a tent and light sleeping bag for those cases where I might not find a hotel and I have only used the camping gear once as such an emergency measure in 35 years although I do camp occasionally. If one is prepared to camp outdoors then what should prevent one from camping indoors? We are not all millionaires travelling with a chase vehicle to carry our fancy clothes and cater to our vanity or our insecurities. . If one must have hotels with all manner of luxury this book is not of interest.You can find plenty of $ 200 to $700 + per night hotels with little effort on the internet but you can forget about spending much time in the back corners of these countries.

My book is a simple affair, 14cm X 22cm, black and white on bond paper, a very easy fit in any tankbag _______#####________#####_________

I have been constantly collecting more hotel locations on repeat trips . For 2014 I have completed a rework for the Third Edition which now contains directions to even more hotels in more locations and important new changes to several rules for tourists.
To maintain a manageable size and ease the tank bag load for folks not yet ready to tackle Central America the material is divided into two individual books.
Part I ( 196 pages)deals exclusively with Mexico - specific information and hotels. Part II ( 132 pages) contains the hotels across all of Central America , all CA specific information plus helpful general information for the beginning tourist which applies to all countries south of the US border .The Mexico - only traveller may leave the CA portion at home after reading and digesting the information chapters.

The newly expanded and streamlined Third Edition 2014 , Part I Mexico, now contains directions and descriptions for 1151 hotels in 520 towns represented in every state of Mexico .In Part II Central America , you will find 442 hotels listed in 216 different towns throughout the easily accessible parts of all seven countries.
These hotels listed start in the Mexican border towns along the USA and extend to Yaviza ,Panama at the end of the pavement and the start of the Darien Gap.

As has happened regularly over the last years my cost of printing and postage has crept up again with each new batch.
Canada Post in April 2014 announced a substantial increase for all postage rates driving up my shipping cost by as much as 44% .
To stay ahead of the break - even point the new 2014 third Edition price needed to be adjusted upward slightly . But I assure you that the entire cost of my book will still be easily recouped if you stay at even only two or three of the hotels I list. If you were contemplating a night at one of the big chain hotels in Mexico and instead select one from my list you could recover the book's cost in one night 's stay .
And I am not even factoring in the value of the general information and pointers I provide.


The two- book set will be sold together as a unit .If you would like a copy of the books you may send a Canadian dollar $40 payment for addresses in Canada
OR a US dollar $40 payment for USA addresses respectively.
This INCLUDES cost of postage and handling from Ontario. .
Postage to other continents is double the rate of the USA .

If you live outside Canada or the USA then the price INCLUDING airmail postage and handling is 52 US Dollars and delivery time will be around ten days to the modern countries with reliable mail service but to others it could be weeks or months..
If you live on another continent and you are planning a trip through Mexico and CA starting from Canada or USA you might save some money and delivery woes if you can arrange a contact address in Canada or the USA where you could have the book sent for you to retrieve after arriving here .For instance have it sent to a relative or a new friend's home, a motorcycle shop where you have reservations for bike pick up or service or to a hotel you will be staying at upon arrival.

Make your cheque payable to , and mail it to ...
Sjoerd Bakker
733161 Pick Line
RR 3 Norwich
Ontario N0J 1P0

To use PayPal make a donation via my e-mail addressed account :

Same pricing applies with PayPal , US dollars for US addresses, Canadian dollars for Canadian addresses.

Be sure to clearly state your return mailing address in that message to PayPal and in your mailed order . Include your email address and your"handle" from your ADV or HU site postings to simplify communication if a problem does arise in filling the order.
HOWEVER I must caution that the PayPal near -instantaneous payment mechanism may raise false hopes of extra rapid delivery for you as a purchaser.
Please ,please remember that I do still remain the inept computer user I was before and the delivery method is still by way of the same postal sytems requiring the same delivery time for the book to reach you .
If you do go the PayPal route I will send off a book promptly when the order is received . There is a possibility that your payment languishes on the email in -box list without me knowing about it for a few days if I am wandering around on the bike and out of Wifi zones or I forget to check my e-mail. This is because while on- tour I read the book order email and then use the telephone to call home to relay your address to my help who looks after the sending-out of books when I am on a trip .My help is even less computer savvy than I am and there is NO computer at home base, - none at all , zero , got that?

Personal cheques from your own bank are acceptable.
An international postal money order is okay too but is more complicated and costly.
Moneygram and Western Union forms of payment are very secure but they are also very expensive relative to the small amount of money you will send .
PLEASE , GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF LEAD TIME ( a month is the suggested minimum!) before your planned trip starts ..
When sending a cheque or money order by mail do make sure you have all the required information fields filled out and signed completely and correctly or it will be rendered non - negotiable .
Such properly done cheques are fairly secure and will be deposited to my account after the required time needed for it to be cleared by the various banking channels. Such may take a week or two ,that is not a problem for me , but the book will be mailed out promptly within a day of when that order and payment letter is received .

If ordering by mail provide your RETURN ADDRESS IN CLEAR UNMISTAKABLE PRINTING as well as your email address for emergency contact if there is a problem.

There is no electronic " PDF" way to send or access my book ( remember, I have no computer ).
I prefer such a book in paper form over electronics because it is so transportable, no batteries required and it has immediate and random access when one is on the road.

In the book all towns with hotels are listed in alphabetic order per country .In the front of the Part I Mexico book I include a schematic index of towns listed in sequence as they appear along the highways and divided into various highway routes and regions. This makes it, I think, a fairly simple task to decide which routes one is interested in for a trip and then to highlight those potential hotel places on your map.
Obviously I make no claim to have every hotel in every location, but this book will give a user the option of picking and choosing and at least of being sure there may be a hotel within range when heading to an unfamiliar destination. It gives peace of mind , less stuff to worry about.This can be of particular importance to a first-time traveller to Mexico with limited Spanish language skill. As travel experience accumulates and the Spanish improves the traveller can apply the newly gained confidence and the methods outlined in the book to strike out on his or her own to investigate other hotels. The hotels listed will in most cases place the traveller in the center of a town and in the vicinity of a range of other hotels which can be tested on your own if you wish.
For each location I include the name of the town, the state (in Mexico) , the highway numbers which serve it, a brief description of any especially useful facts about it or nearby sites and possible alerts as to unexpected local features,scarcity of gas situations, long or tedious distances ( tedious really often means slow going wonderfully curvy ,steep,scenic,mountainous or all of these!) to next possible hotel site. Hotels are listed by name and an example of recent price, room appointments,food availability if needed, and the hotel location in town with an address. In many cases a small basic sketch map provides more help in finding it.
I spent hundreds of dollars in printing fees and am not even tallying the countless hours of collecting, compiling and typing the data, so I am aiming to a price above the break-even point .
If you need more info just e-mail me at the hotmail address
ADVrider contact file pms are okay but I may miss them for days if I am away travelling and out of reach of free wifi zones.
And finally a repeat word on leaving adequate time for mail delivery. It takes about 10 to 14 days for regular mail to travel across Canada and the USA.Therefor if you want the handbooks please order well before the time that you want to start off. Please avoid deciding you want one a week before departure date and then try to get a rush delivery by courier ( which gets way -ridiculous expensive like more than doubling the cost ! .... )
Buen viaje.

PS : SPECIAL NOTE : this is an AUGUST 2014 updated version of my post on Page 7 of ADV sticky. HOTELS IN MEXICO

PS ....
PLEASE DO NOT COPY neither this ADV post nor any copy of it you may have encountered on ADV or elsewhere because such would remain FROZEN at the information of the COPY date .That COPY would not adjust to be current with any later edits I may make . It would give inaccurate out of date information , such as pricing changes.
If you are reading this very statement in the form of an inclusion or quote in a writing by somebody else you should still REFER BACK to the ORIGINAL POST on ADV to ascertain current information. Disregard the date of 2008 given in the Box to the left of this post . Other posts following it carry quotes which are out of date , being of the original first post.

If you wish to reference this information it is best to provide only a LINK to the page 7 ADV post which I update as circumstances change. That way readers will always get the newest info from the horse's mouth and avoid surprises and frustration and it will save a lot of space in YOUR post.


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