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Originally Posted by Jeff51
I went to the local Honda dealer today at lunch and ordered a new guide (the wheel above is the guide, not the tensioner as I had thought) and they had a new timing chain in stock ($84!). I talked to Russ the service guy, who's been working on Hondas for as long as I've been alive. He stated that as long as the proper service interval for chain tension is followed, these things will last forever. But since no one ever bothered with them, the chain get slack and begin to flap around, destroying the chain, guides, and the insides between the bore. Makes sense. What's another hundred bucks? Luckily a gasket set came with the bike, so this could be worse. Maybe the loose chain made for retarted cam timing and the lousy off-idle power in the thing before...

would make sense about the timing. was the mark all over the place?
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