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Originally Posted by longrider999
ladydraco,thank you for starting this thread.ive had my 97 VALk for 5 years and 52K favorite abusive line is to pull up to a harley rider at a lite and say"beautiful bike, is it fast TOO."i like to throw in a free demonstation if theyve got the balls for it.ive only seen a couple gals riding their own own opinion is its a little to much bike for alot of harley riders.i had 2 harleys in the garage when i bought the JUNKYARD DOG(my black valkyrie) in 03.he had been poorly treated and twice salvaged .i fell so bad for him that i took him home for $ low temp starting bike ive ever HD 94 ultra classic and 85 HD FLT lasted 4 years but i sold them both last spring.almost bought a 98 VALK INTERState with the $$$$$but decided on a 00BMW i am down to 2 bikes now and thinking about another HARLEY.theyre slow but alot of women tell me theyre butts dont sit on anything but not desperate enough yet but come spring who knows.anybody own a HD VRASCA and can give me a report on how they like them??????

Your Welcome Longrider999...
Some of you here might know who I am.... Some of you know my mate Don ( Highbinder) so you know how much we lover our Valks....
And for the ones that don't know us.... Here are my two babies....

TheBeast ~ This is the one I ride the most it now has 122k and the clutch went in the fall.... Here's some of the work and photos .It's here in garage area of ADV.But here's the link...

Here is the one I have been building on since last year ... We just finished raking the front end.. And rebuilding the forks and springs and a new steering head bearings..And I/S tank and motosen Gauges.. This bike has 82k , I triked it at 75k... While I have been working on TheBeast (bike above) I still can ride ... I'm Very pleased with how this bike turned out... Our Valks are our life....

TheBlack.. LastFall.. With TheBeast's saddle..

Here is it Now with the raked front end and own saddle... Note no rear seat or footpegs...

After a muddy rainy ride the other day... I loveit !!!
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