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thank you both for your suggestions. i am aware of the some of aux tanks out there and really would be just looking to mount something up that he could store fuel in, not ride from. once out in the main tank, we would stop and dump the aux tank's contents into his main tank. the problem is, if my research is correct, is that the bike has a 6.4 gallon tank and gets 28mpg which to be on the safe side for varying road conditions that might create a higher load on the engine, yields a 150-160 mile range till empty for planning purposes. i was under the impression that one needs about a 300 mile range to do some of the remote roads to get to deadhorse. that is the problem...if i go with a tourtank setup that mean the weight of the tank and brackets and 40 so pounds of fuel mounted on the rear rack. aside from the weight being up high, will the rear rack hold 50 pounds or so?

thanks again for info. i dont own a valkyrie, have never ridden one and am trying to engineer something from GA for a bike sitting in MT.

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