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Feb 6 - Wed

Sunny, woke up to frost on the bikes at 7am. I goofed, the last pic was from Wed morn. You can see the frost.

Today we were heading to Batopilas. There is 60 miles of pavement before turning off and then 30 miles of dirt road. We won't see pavement until we get to Choix on the west side of the canyon.

The pavement is very good in these areas as most of it is pretty new. Most w/in the last 20 years. The dirt road conditions change from year to year as they are working on paving the road to Bato, maybe w/in the next 10 yrs. :(

We head out a 9am w/ Mark. Gas up to 8 gallons and head out. (17lts=120 pesos)

There is still frost in on some of the shaded corners so we had to take it easy this time through.

Mark in the twistys- Katie does well w/ the camera on back.

We take a break at a spot that starts to show just part of the canyons.

This is Marks first time to Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon).

Once we hit the dirt it's mostly all down hill from there. Switchback after switchback of views that pics don't do justice.

As you go down the temps go up, Wearing layers and having a place to easily stash them is a big help. Don't forget the camel back and plenty of water, it's a long ride for only 90 miles. No 7/11s around here.

Bato is just around the bend.

Keep an eye out for these guys, and Slow down, no need to rush.

We made it to Bato around 3pm and the temps we in the 80sF. These kids hopped on the truck in front of us, smiling and waving as we followed behind.

We stayed at the same place as last year. I'll have to fill in the name later. It's the Blue and yellow hotel about a block off the square. Martin is a great guy and speaks some English. He's always interested to hear where our adventures will take us this year. That place is ~$600 pesos a night for 2 queen size beds. They were booked for two night so we had to move a block over. It was crazy, most of the hotels were booked up. Damn tourists. Bato is changing fast and it's only been one year.

We cleaned up and found out that everyone had found a place to stay. It was off to get some beer and food........

John found these and for $85 pesos he could pass it up.

They actually tasted very good.
Thanks John

The rest of the kids in town ate cheesy poofs for the next few days on him.

We enjoyed them w/ Carta Blanca, at $3 buck a bottle how can you go wrong?

This place had an odd price policy on beer. They seemed to charge you whatever they felt like it. We were getting beer anywhere from $2.50-$4 a bottle.

Later that night there was bet that one of the locals was to pic up Richard and carry him up the steps. It all started when one of the local guys asked how much Richard weighed. You just new that something was up then.

Well...this guy took about 2 steps and collapsed. Richard picked him up and took him back to his buddies. This was at about 6pm, I wonder when they started drinking?

Richard and Bryon (Father and son)

Bryon was out most improved rider, they were both on KLR 650s. Funny thing, everyday we headed out it looked like Bryon was hauling more or his dad's gear.

They stop serving beer around 9 so unless the bars has paid off the police you get kicked out. They don't take kindly to drunks.

Mexico, What a great place.
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