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Feb 8- Fri

Bato to El Fuerte, 132 miles, 7 hrs on the road.

We had heard that the river was very high a few days ago from the M-Cycle tour guide. Waist high and a strong current. If we got to the river and could not get through we would have to turn around and get back to Bato before night and plan something else.

John's dad Charlie was a few days behind us and he was going to stay in Bato w/ Richard to wait for him. We'd meet up w/ them later on and finish up the trip together. They had another route planned into Sinforosa Canyon.

It was 55F at 7:45 when we headed out. Marty had left around 6:30 on the scooter. Yep, a scooter. Made all of us look like a bunch of overloaded GS tourers.

The groups today were:
Mark, Chuck, Andrew, Bryon, Katie and I.
Al, Jud and Craig O. would be heading out later after breakfast.
Marty solo.

When you head out of Bato you hook a sharp right instead of going to Satevo. This takes you to Tubares. Watch out for stray animals and spare motors.

The views are nice too.

Normally its 33 miles to the river, w/ the detour it was 37 miles. Amazing in that we bypassed that entire rocky hell section and it only added 4 miles. We were on an entire different mountain face. We made good time and were across the river by 10am. It must have gone down a lot in a few days, it was still over my front rotors and the current was strong. I walked my bags across first to check out any tricky spots. Some just blasted across, showcasing there superior riding skills. (Also know as luck)

Not wanting a re-occurrence of last years oil change demonstration, I ask for some help to walk along side to save me if my foot would find a deep hole and the current take the bike over. This bike in a strong current is like riding in a strong wind. It's large side profile w/ very little area for water to spill through really takes some surefootedness to get across. At least for me.

I would not want this bike any taller.

Thanks Marty and Chuck.

The bike ran fine the entire time in and out of the water. Those KLR are another story and have a trick of there own. You need to enter the water w/ the choke half on or the moter will cool off so fast it will die. You should also look to make sure you have your carb "T" vented up so that the carb will work when the vent lines are under water. Every bike has there issues that need to be looked over when you venture off the beaten path. Some research on your part ahead of time can save you from unneeded headaches.

Marty took off on the scooter followed by Chuck. The rest of us were just about ready to head out when the second group showed up. We stuck around to help them if they needed it, but also to watch if anyone would tip over.

No issues and we were all across and on the road again by 11am.

In Tubares we stopped for some water and a bag of chips then we were taking a new road to all of us. It's a wide dirt road used for mining operations in the area. You rise and fall following the river for many miles.

We came upon Andrew w/ a flat. He picked up a nail. (12:30)

The compressor got a work out on this trip. Saved many CO2 cartridges.

We had made it to El Fuerte by 3:30, it was 85F.
The "Hotel Guerrero at hotmail . com" Is a great place to stay right off the main square and is very popular w/ this group.

They have a nice locked up area to keep the bikes w/ very colorful flowers and 8ft tall Poinsettia plants. Here in WI we see them around Christmas, but they are only about a foot tall.

Bryon almost went under a semi truck when he ran out of talent. Showing off his war wound.
He slid out in a corner where it was very sandy on top of black top.

Even though it is very warm you need to keep any skin you do not want eaten alive by "El Tigre flies" covered. They are small nats that bite and leave large welts that feel great when you have all your gear on and can't itch them.

The food is great here, skip the tocas and go for the fish. We went out for Garlic roasted bass, w/ rice. The bill was $100 pesos w/ a Tecate beer.
The best we'd have all we thought.

Food in Mexico can be very cheap if you eat at the road side stands and we do that often, many times it tastes more flavorful than in a restaurant. $1 tacos made fresh in front of you w/ the meat cooking right on the grill, add some fresh guacamole and it can't be beat. Don't be turned off by how the setup looks, you only live once. Follow your nose and you won't regret it.
In restaurants or other places it seamed that $10 bucks was the norm for a meal, but the food quality and taste is much better than a $10 meal at home. More like a $25-30 meal in the states around us.

Last year Katie and I would pic at our food to get rid of anything that would have most likely been washed w/ tap water.(mostly all veggies and greens) This year we lived it up and ate everything. We put a lot of lime on everything and enjoyed(it's suppose to kill the "bad" stuff). We felt no worse/ or better than last year, but enjoyed much more flavors.

In the town square at night. This is suppose to be one of the best squares in Mexico. I can't deny that. In the day time the colors from all the different flowers and trees are unbelievable. At night most of the building are lit up, kind of like Christmas, but w/o the hideous plastic figurines.

Sat we are off to the coast for a relaxing day trip on pavement.
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