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Good, Im glad I didnt get attacked for the idea of a transNj endurance event.

I was thinking that people can do on their own initiative, set up certain visual check-points that people take pictures of with mobile phones and send direct to a blog site where each persons individual attempt has its own seperate page.

some way of keeping it fun and loose and so anyone can do it whenever.

I know with the tmobile sidekick type site, pics can be automatically sent and posted on a user profile page, this way other users can see progress and have a visual watermark of where and when someone is. There is no un-cheatable way to do it, but the idea is kind of for fun so if someone cheats its their own loss.

I want to be able to do something like this, but keep it fun so people dont hot-rod it and ruin the transNj accessability for everyone. I think if in any way it might get parts closed or degrade the oveall accessability of the transNj trail its not worth it.
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