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Originally Posted by markgsnw
hey ibycus, thanks for taking care of us Mac users. I'd already done the PC to Mac dance, but I'm downloading the new set again to see if the odd black lines go away.

Question: would it help your server out if we BT'd this file? Or do you run into licensing issues?

Bit Torrent away, also feel free to burn and give away DVDs, just can't sell them.
I've been meaning to set up some kind of torrent myself, but I think I'm going to move towards a different kind of installer instead, just have to get around to coding it. (My plan is to institute an 'updater' so that I can release small 'maintenance' releases without requiring the total redownload of the whole dataset).

Looking at the file sizes, there must be more new data in this version than I'd thought. I'm going to have to release a new PC version soon (must update those maritime files first though, I've been promissing that for a while...).
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