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Originally Posted by ithiltaen
German SS troops had their blood type tattooed on their left arm, as they thought it was quite useful (and it was, at least until the Russians found out and started killing everybody with such a tattoo) I have some friends on the military and a couple of them have this tattoo as well: it is a very simple tattoo, just saying "0-" or whatever, but it's visible enough to be seen if you are on the surgery table.

I've got a question myself: what do you do if you have a mechanical problem you don't know how to fix (or just can't), and there's nobody to help you? As you can guess, I'm not exactly a master engineer...

And yeah, I mean an answer beyond "you walk"
As a Soldier, todays moder medicine Blood type isn't a factor in the ER. Even on the battle field. Sometimes you see Soldiers wearing their blood type on their uniform, but any medic or doctor will tell there's no point in when dealing with trauma.
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