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Originally Posted by John E Davies
I downloaded the Windoze version and notice scattered blank areas with no data. Is this a file glitch or are there in fact holes in the map coverage for some reason?

If the latter, can we expect a new improved file any time soon with full coverage?

If it's just on my machine, I guess I'll have to download and try again ;(

Thanks for all the effort.
The reason for the missing tiles is generally due to compile time restrictions on mapcenter. If a map take too long to compile, mapcenter skips it and moves on to the next.

A reasonable solution, as some maps can take litterally days to compile. (couple of weeks ago I started a couple compiling in Quebec. They ran continuously for 6 days, then we had a power outage, and I lost all the progress).

If there are any areas of particular interest that are missing, let me know, and I'll see about getting them in to the next version (if not too long a compile time, it shouldn't be a problem). Thanks to the donations I've received, I've managed to afford a license of cgpsmapper to run on my local computer (the free version has some limitations which I really didn't want to live with).

Otherwise I periodically go through all the existing tiles, and look for holes to fill in.
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