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Thank you

Thanks for this thread. I like other FNGs to the site have been frustrated by the search function. I have found that unless I had a specific thread in mind to search for (bc I couldn't find it and hadn't subscribed), then I was wading through a lot of thread lists to try to find information. Interesting, but not always helpful.

I have used the "Search this Thread" function, and it is also marginally helpful. Especially in threads with 50+ posts.

This is all a long way of saying that I wish I had seen this thread earlier. And for folks who are search handicapped, finding this thread is probably not easy (I just happened across it). Perhaps there could be a note on the main page, or a link to a forum for How to Search ADVrider. Then we noobs could just be directed there. While I have not gotten the "USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION" reply, I have seen enough of them, and been frustrated enough with the search function to feel their pain. This thread would alleviate a lot of that pain on both sides, I think.

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