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Originally Posted by Jeff51
The other day I overheard a coworker trying to give away a motorcycle to one of the ladies at the front desk. Of course I perked up, and went running out and managed to score this surprisingly straight '72 SL350. For free! 6200 miles, manual is still under the seat, and short of the exhaust and side covers, complete (at least until I rode it and the tail light lense ejected somewhere). The PO had planned to rebuild the thing (not sure why - compression is good) so it also came with pistons, rings, gaskets, and a basket CB350 engine! I did a full tune up, flushed out the icky gas, and replaced the battery and plugs ($25 net investment) and it runs pretty well. The suspension actually works and has damping, which tells me it wasn't abused too much. Gotta dig magnesium engine covers, aluminum fenders, and the double-leading shoe front brake!

My plan is an ultra low cost commuter/ADV bike - I need to rig up mufflers somehow, and I'll probably krylon the tank, headlight, and the ammo-box panniers I have planned. I should really buy tires if I'm going to ride it to work.

And since this is my first post (been lurking), I live in the rolling hills of the Palouse in eastern WA, I'll be 34 next week, and also have a CB450 and a MT250 Elsinore. Come to think of it, I didn't pay for them either...

I had a 1970 version with the 19" front wheel and the crank with the throws 180 apart, which gave a bit more low end due to staggered firing order. It was a fun ride, would be neat to have now. I like your project - especially being a freebie to start.
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