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Originally Posted by RichBeBe
I may be having my first major problem with my Fant. I had the flu which knocked me out and I haven't ridden. Lat week I went to start it and it wouldn't start. Today I decided to look into it and it has spark and fuel but won't start. I took the tank off and airbox cover and tried to start it and I noticed the rear cylinder was not really creating much vacuum. I used some starter fluid and it fired and then blew raw gas and flames out of the carb. I was able to blow the fire out but something is probably amiss with the timing. I am guessing maybe my belt jumped. It was getting dark and I have no energy so I will look at it again one day this week.
Pull the belt covers off, and rotate the engine so that the dot on the drive pulley lines up with the hashmark on the sidecover.
Then check each cam pulley to see that the dots line up with the marks on the belt housings.

When were the belts last replaced?
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