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Hyper pro rear shock

Hey everyone,

I put in my new Hyper Pro shock this last weekend and thought I would share with you guys my experience. I Ordered a shock from EPM. I thought I was ordering a wilbers but got the HP instead. I had it made an inch longer to match the height of my front forks. I did not specify which end to make longer. I assumed they would lengthen the bottom end like I did to the stock unit. Turns out they made it longer at the top. When I first recieved the shock I thought, oh shit, this is gonna be expensive to change. Once I calmed down I went out to the shop and did some measuring and figured out it would probably fit. So months later I started the project and here goes:

I pulled the battery first and then the subframe. I then stuffed the shock in. If the bike was stock I wouldn't have had to do much more after this. Anyway nothing I do is easy, here is a pic.

Because the shock is longer I had to clearance a few things. (Also as you can see in the picture I had to back off the preload nut and compress the shock to get it in the bike). Once in, the shock had a few things that needed to be filed a bit. Nothing like grinding on your new $900.00 shock. If grinding on my new shock wasn't enough, the cagiva wishbone link was still hitting the shock. So I had to grind the wishbone a little all the while wondering where I would find another one if I screwed this one up.

(I also need to point out that there are needle bearings in the wishbone. One needs to be very careful to avoid knocking them out on to the floor).
After all the grinding and filing I ended up with about a 1/16" clearance. This was important because a friend of mine bent his shock because these parts were hitting. I greased all the needle bearings and tightened all the bolts. The remote resevoir I ended up attaching to the right of the shock on the frame.

I will probably drill some holes in the side plastic so I can adjust the compression without taking the side panel off.

I take the bike out and ride a little and I think I need a stiffer spring. The preload nut is about a 1\2" from the last of the threads and I still get about 3" of sag. I was hoping to be able to crank it down for when I had luggage and stuff on. I put a call into the shock guy today but I called too late and left him a message to call me back. I will let you know how it turns out. My overall impression of the shock is, it's ok. I think these guys are more street oriented and I ride mostly offroad. I think with some tweeking I can get it where I like it.

Here are some pics of my front fork setup if anyone is interested.

My bash plate and shifter

After reading through this it really didn't seem too hard. If anyone else is going the same route as I did I would have them offset drill the bottom hole on the shock mount so one wouldn't have to do much grinding.

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