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Bring da amber lamps
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Eek Need some more candle power. nothing in my possession goes to long without a little tweeking. Here is my question(s). My bro-n-law took her for a spin, and when he arrived back, the headlight was out (uh oh...time to start wrenchin on my honda). The single filament bulb has a dopey flang on it. Apparently only Honda stocks em.... So it's time to correct Honda's engineering shortfalls. I wanted more light, and have been reading that the stock stator puts out 85 watts? Is that accurate? If it does, it shoould be able to power a 55er right? I didn't want an ugly housing, so I am upgrading the stock one. I found a single filiment 55er at Napa, it's a driving light single filament halogen (BP1255/H3). It fits the stock housing, and I could wire it easy, but have some doubts about the stock electrical system running it. Also the stock light housing is metal with the plastic lens will heat be an issue? I went with the shallowest bulb I could find (about an inch clearance from the bulb to the plastic lens). Should I go for it?

More tweeking....I bought a street plated dirtbike (minus all the required DOT crap). In an effort to avoid a DOT inspection I am DSing it. Since I am on limited budget, I went the build it yourself route. I have added some K&S signals, signal switch, and rear hydraulic brake switch. So far life is good, cept for a signal sent with a bad bulb. Will post the pics when I get them loaded.
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