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I too had issues firing my ride when I first got it. Jetting setting is key. I am in CT. Bike has been de-snorkled and air filtered. Still running the stock exhaust (nice-n-quiet), although I would like a deeper sound (like my truck's flowmaster). I am at about 500ft above sea level. Running a 158 main and a 55 pilot. Not sure of the main's settings, but the pilot was 2.5 out from seated. I cranked it all the way in, and the spun it out 2.75. Unscrewed the idle adjuster until it just touched, the spun it 2 turns in. Full choke, fuel on, no throttle (30ish degrees outside), 6 kicks, sputter stall, 2 more kicks, stutter, itty bitty throttle till it ran clean. No choke, idled nicely but a little slower than I like. I adjusted the idle up till it was purring nicely. I have never touched the idle since. When it warms a little I may crank the pilot in to 2.5, but when it's cold, out to 2.75. Figure out the sequence. I too doubted my purchase at first, but now....the button is a fading memory...cept for my buddies trying to put the fear of hill stall in me, but I know the tractor torque will wipe the dumb grins off their faces
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