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Originally Posted by dragoon
Just when you thought there was nothing fun to do in Ohio!


There have been a bunch of guys playing this for a while now so most everyone knows the rules but if you're new to the game here are a couple.

Rule #1. If you're new, watch how the game is played for awhile before jumpin' in cause I ain't explainin' everything to ya'

Rule #2 One tag at a time and county roads are acceptable (no dirt) but the tag must be findable. Include clues in your tag. Don't make the clues unless you're Meef, he can figure out most anything. Bring your A game cause Meef will have a tag and post another while you're thinking about eating breakfast.
No whining There are plenty of folks here that will help you understand the rules
*** These rules are subject to change***

See, only 2 rules

Let the games begin
Can you explane the rules agin,I wasn`t listening?
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