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I'm just glad he blamed Meef for posting tags while others stopped to eat breakfast. Although I think I do hold the record for the most unsuccessful attempts in a row (something like 4 attempts where by the time I got home someone else had it posted).

See if this encompases the rules for the newbies:

1. You ride to where the photo is using clues provided and take a picture of your bike at that location.

2. Be the FIRST to get home and post the picture in this thread.
3. Ride out (in a reasonable amount of time please) and find a new location to take a photo of your bike at the next tag location. Doesn't have to be the empire state building but something with history or unique attributes helps.
4. If you make clues too hard or location to vague you will be scorned and punished.

Just to clarify for newbies. And I think this should be a new rule.
5. Goonies decisions are the final ruling if there are questions.
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