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Originally Posted by sangfroid
Alright, gentlemen. I went for an 80 mile ride in the fog this morning, not to get a tag, just to ride.

I think I rode about 50 to 60ish. The fog was sick around 9:30 this morning. I kept having to turn my head to the right and left so the wind would blow the condensation to either side as it built up on my face plate. Sadly I forgot my free Buell neck protector and my neck got rather chilly.
This will be probly be the only time this will ever happen so I have to give him a hard time about it: Called Meef about 9:15 "You comin?"
"(yawn)Whats the weather?"
"33 and fog."
"Nah I'll pass..."

Don't worry Mark, I won't use the tag pic since it was your idea to go shoot there.
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